I am a “new-post-romantic” and an intermedia artist, who exhibited almost 40 – solo and group, prestigious, international and national shows, inter alia in: PARIS, LONDON, NEW YORK CITY, POZNAŃ, TAMPA, CHICAGO.
I worked  and collaborated including: The Polish Museum of America in Chicago, Tampa Museum of Art in Tampa Florida, Galeria U JEZUITÓW Poznań, the University of the Arts in Poznań, I.S.E. Broadway New York City, University of Colorado, RoCA Rochester Center of Art  New York, An École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, London Annual Art Festiwal.

I am a MoMA PS1 Finalist, with Marina Abramović, New York City.

I gained among other artistic diplomas, a diploma  in a computer science, with a few distinctions.

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“The most significant in art for me  is to meet a viewer in the front of an artwork and  discuss important  issues of our time”.

– Karolina Maria Siwiak.

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